November 1, 2012

Greetings Partners in Quality Service Delivery:

The prayers and thoughts of Premier Facility Solutions are with all of those on the Northeast coast of the United States that have seen a transformation in their lives, neighborhoods and security.  Not since 911 have the overwhelming sense of violation been globally experienced.

The past month of October brought to the East Coast weather conditions challenging the human spirit through heart wrenching accounts of personal loss, community infrastructure and an additional blow to the fragile economy.  However, “We Are” so “We Will” bounce back stronger than before, it is the American Spirit.

I have a couple of thoughts to share on the quality outcome and service delivery that we hold sacred in our Trilogy.  I hope you recognize the value that your effective and efficient roles play in allowing the clients we serve to realize additional financial resources to offset disasters and campus dilemmas that are a common occurrence.  You are providing your campus communities with the ability to spring back faster and more dramatically as a result of your reduced cost over previous contract periods.

I would like to talk a little bit of the QA systems that we all have in place and utilize to identify underserviced or over utilized environments that require more resource leveling to regain the highest level of quality appearance possible under current contract specifications.

It is imperative that on a routine basis, ideally once per year that the QA system utilized by the Contract Administrator and the contractor is calibrated to make sure that the view of appearance outcomes are similar in both cases.  Once this exercise is completed it is additionally recommended that the product of the campus QA system be calibrated to the current weights and rationale provided by Premier Facility Solutions.  The results of this exercise will provide anticipated outcomes and not surprise results that diminish the trusting relationship of all three parties in the Trilogy.  I look forward to assisting in any way possible to facilitate this process.

Quality Inspection tools are available from Premier Facility Solutions at cost, these items include:

*            500Lumes LED white light pocket lights

*            2-inch extension mirrors

*            Ph strips

*            Portable batter powered Black Lights


If you and your staff cannot see the soils during inspection it is a sure bet that your cleaners are working in the dark as well.  Efforts to reduce energy have brought to our workplace spaces with long shadows, restrooms with low level lighting and pockets of darkness ideal for growth of bacteria and mold.  Just because you cannot see the soil does not mean it is not there and more importantly you know I will find it.

Finally I would like to discuss matting, as you all are aware that practicing “Green” and “Best Practices” means having the right matting material and design over the proper length of the entrances to prevent building contamination from exterior tracked soils, this is especially important as the approaching frozen precipitation is met with an onslaught of sand and ice melt materials that are not distributed or selected properly by the campus grounds personnel.  A mat segment located at a foyer or an elevator “IS TO BE SOILED”, there is a serious breakdown in the science behind matting installations when the mats are clean and the building shows evidence of exterior soil tracking.  A soiled entry mat or elevator mat do not have penalty values equal to interior corridor, stairs and elevator door tracks, the value is much less if the matting of adequate design and material.  Matting of short length or worn material will indeed be assessed high penalty values.

Now is the time to get that additional coatings and hardening of finished flooring prior to the massive alteration of floor Ph associated with the first ice and snow treatment outside the building.  This is another good reason for emphasis on matting once the Ph of the finish surface is altered a slow and constant stripping process ensues.

I hope you all have a great month ahead and I will see most of you prior to the end of the month, if not I wish you and your family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving.


John M Moran,