October 15, 2012

The advent of the 2012-13 Academic year is in full swing and not without a great deal of new challenges and demands of the Custodial Team throughout the Performance-Q-base™ Network.

I have heard all the war stories that could be told in the weeks following the start of the semester, for many the summer programming has totally disregarded the window of time opportunity required to provide a high level of readiness, while others faced the renovation processes in which the contractor appeared to be moving in for the duration rather than finishing and moving out. Well it is events like this that separate the amateur from the professional Custodial Team. I can sympathize with each and every one of you and understand your plight. We must do all we can to educate our Administrators that proper planning and staff utilization is imperative in setting the stage for academic excellence at our campuses. However, it’s hard to feel too bad regarding the hurtles you all have faced when I find that the scores I recorded at over a dozen Performance-Q-base™ Network facilities have exceeded those scores recorded the same time last year. The progressive performance and staff productivity philosophy has continued to grow and flourish.

I would like to acknowledge the folks at UMBC that faced a capacity summer program that ran up until ten days prior to opening day, compounded with a major Housing renovation project that was turned over less than a week of semester start, a true formula for disaster and lost credibility. But the Team showed everyone their colors as during my audit UMBC Housing recorded the highest scores I have ever awarded with several occupied sites recording appearance scores in the low 90 percentiles.

Let’s not forget the (ABM) folks at Providence College that faced their first ever summer cleaning challenge, with a third of the Housing under renovation and the remaining two thirds occupied. The Custodial Team supported an initiative in which renovation contractors would follow the performance spec and hire or sub-contract cleaning of spaces as they brought them online. This allowed the Custodial Team at PC to take prime time vacation and dedicate the remaining Team resources to the turnovers and vacancy of summer occupied spaces reducing the level of failure to comply and dissatisfied families during Move-in Day. Administration and Educators echoed the sentiments that they; “experienced the Best Move-in Day ever”.

Both UMBC and PC are currently in first and second place respectfully in the Performance-Q-Base™ Network. This year in addition to the bragging rights for best performing and most improved contractor Premier Facility Solutions will provide two (2) post Commencement Day campus cookouts for a maximum of 150 team members and their guest.

One last thought, as we have spent a great deal of time defining contract language and the specifications under which we all abide. It has become evident that the minimum score set are not the goal but 100% is the obtainable outcome. Evidence of this is found in the scores that continue to increase despite record campus occupancy and abuse of spaces throughout the campus community. It is refreshing to see, feel and be apart of a spirit that accepts nothing less than perfection and takes very personal the effects cleaning has on the Academic community at the facilities we serve.

The Trilogy is alive and well, use it to your advantage and be apart of the proactive team making a difference in facilities of higher education.


John M Moran,