John M. Moran, Principle of Premier Facility Solutions has taken the Performance-based Facilities process to unparalleled levels of acceptability and cost efficiency over the past decade.

Bringing together Client, Contractor and Consultant in a true “Trilogy” is an industry first as most consultants are long gone after the RFP is awarded and/or the inspection is concluded.  Mr. Moran’s approach is to provide ongoing, state-of-the-art tools of information, technological advances, customer service protocols to both the Client and the Contractor. This in return provides a “win-win” for both parties as it jells a heightened level of trust and added oversight that has never been available prior to Performance-Q-base™ initiatives developed and enhanced at Premier Facility Solutions.

In the 2012 Year Ending Report it was noted that in all 14 Clients in the Performance-Q-base™ Network, the combined years of continuous service without the incumbent being unseated was 92 years. The incumbent of a Performance-Q-base™ operation has never been defeated in an open bid competition, since the PQB inception in 2003. This is a testimonial of how the “Trilogy” brings not only administrative strength and accountability but longevity through integrity of the Contractors reign, allowing him to lower profit margins and prolong depreciated life quotes on technology.

The “Trilogy” relies on the tools that are offered by Mr. Moran to define staffing, develop leadership, initiate prudent procurements, and education and orientation of the customer in the nature of the progressive quality process that allows for satisfaction today and improved quality levels throughout the history of the contract.

A new tool is currently being test marketed now and will be ready for purchase Spring ’13, the new product is “QA-Tube™” (Quality Access Tube).

For over fifteen years John M. Moran and Premier Facility Solutions has been monitoring the results of service delivery provided, under contract, by Contractors throughout the United States. In the past twenty years Mr. Moran has personally audited over 61,000 building sites in Hospitals, Higher Education, K-12, Airports, Assisted Living Properties, Manufacturing, Government Facilities, and Sports/Entertainment Venues.

The tool offered to the Client and Contractor has been a numeric scoring, pictorial, and microbial report that identifies substandard appearance, practices, observations and conditions that facilitate correction through the support and guidance of the “Trilogy”. Q-Tube will add just one more tool to the already well organized toolbox of the Project Manager and Contract Administrator. Here is how it works.

John will continue to review the Client buildings and Grounds as in the past only after the final tour of each building. A top to bottom video will be shot with narration that shows not only the current concerns, highlights and observation but it will display historic areas of penalty as well as extraordinary efforts of the Contractor. The application of this new tool is endless once in the Contractors library, it can be a tool to orient newly placed staff in a building or new hires, it can be a refresher for those that cram prior to the inspection. Some may say it is disclosing the secrets of the inspection process, but John say; “there should be not secrets we are all in this together and winning at what we do is for more fun than guessing and struggling”.

The plan is to provide the Contractor with one complete film library covering all building sites in the contract with annual updates. Not only will this tool help the incumbent but it can become an “Attachment” to future RFP processes, eliminating text attachments that do not visually define the workplace.

Preliminary annual cost estimates of having this tremendous new tool added to the Performance-Q-base™ ranges from $50.00-$100.00 per building review. Imagine how helpful this tool is in seeing visually a building audit in action with real time soil and condition discovery.

See you at the movies.


John M. Moran