Premier Facility Solutions continues to serve its clients with facility management processes for their campuses that support health, environmental safety, preservation of assets and appearances to enhance the goals of academic excellence.



About Premier Facility Solutions

Premier Facility Solutions serves all market venues with top quality, performance-based facilities management outsource contracting and third-party outcome investigations. The goal of the “Trilogy,” a relationship between the client, the consultant and the contractor is the anticipation of variables in operating processes that over the life of the outsource contract are continually identified, addressed and solved to the mutual benefit of all parties resulting in long term contractual relationships and strengthened professional relationships, fostering lower overall cost high productivity and reducing or eliminating costly re-bid practices. Clients choosing Premier Facility Solutions as their outsourcing Consultant Team will acquire an additional oversight partner for the life of the engagement and reduce adversarial and uncomfortable and non-productive dialogs which are common in task matrix or traditional contracted service specifications.

Currently, Premier Facility Solutions services in excess of 80 million net square feet of facility space in the following markets:

  • Higher Education
  • K-12 School District
  • Airports
  • Medical Facilities
  • Classified and Unclassified Government Facilities
  • Sports and Entertainment Arenas
  • Non-Profit Social Service and Behavior Operations

How our clients benefit:

  • Reduced competitive bid results
  • Stabilization of acceptable quality and productivity values
  • Lower annual cost increases
  • Greater customer satisfaction and program input
  • Lower turnover rates among staffing
  • Improved communications, accountability, and compliance to deliverables and contract inventories specified.
  • Access to a Benchmarking Program consisting of over 50 facilities of various disciplines
  • Real-time response to technical and contract managerial concerns.

U.S. News & World Report

12 of the 15 best colleges are clients of Premier Facility Solutions.