About Us

Premier Facility Solutions is a consulting firm dedicated to the improvement of all operational aspects, associated with the effective and efficient management of institutional Facilities Management.

Formerly known as John M. Moran & Associates, Premier Facility Solutions was founded in Haverhill, MA and was initiated as a sole-proprietorship, which is has remained as such for beneficial reasons to its clients.

Premier Facility Solutions recognizes that all facilities host unique characteristics, which forbid the implementation of “off-the-shelf” programs and systems. Therefore, each project engaged will involve customized operational content. Aspects that forbid standard benchmarking include: Climatic Influences, Structural Age, Surface Material Age, and Staff Competency. These factors must be incorporated in order to respect the culture of the institution, while respecting the financial and quality expectations of the client.

Premier Facility Solutions works closely with Line Staff through Senior Facility Administrators, while clearly defining accurate human and non-staff resources required in order to prescribe services that meet or exceed minimum operating thresholds viewed by the most critical observers, The Customer.

Premier Facility Solutions provides third-party quality review services to dozens of Healthcare, Facilities of Higher Education, and Commercial properties including: Ivy League Universities, Federal Government Agencies, and numerous high-profile institutions.

Over 154 million cleanable sq. ft. of higher education, and Commercial Property Space is in the active data base, of which 72% is active and continuously updated to reflect quality outcome, annual cost per sq. ft. and staff productivity profiles.

Premier Facility Solutions was ahead of the curve in reintroducing Quality Driven Performance-base Contracting to the Facilities Management Outsource Industry over a decade ago. Others say they offer Performance-base processes but they are not purebred engineered and customized to the client’s unique environment.