Premier Facility Solutions Education Division

Performance-Q-base™ Contracting Facts AS OF – January 9, 2015:

  • Flagship Account established in 2004, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Premier Facility Solutions supports 27 clients representing 16 states, 3 Collective Bargaining Units and 6 different Outsource Contractors
  • To date clients collectively represent 67 contract years of history
  • The typical pre-program contract term was 3/1/1, the current term life is 5/3
  • To this date the Incumbent has never been unseated in 9 different rebid processes
  • At three accounts the Project Administrator was eliminated without fallout
  • The collective pre-program contract value was $97,720,441.10
  • The collective post program contract value in year #1 was $80,667,588.92
  • The collective post program contract value in year #2 was $79,910,111,05
  • In three cases the rebid award in year #3 was less than the pre-program contract value of 3 years earlier
  • The average post program savings per cleanable square foot collectively was 17.5% or $0.39 cl.sq.ft.
  • The collective award fee held pending quality service delivery is $3,194,190.00
  • In the eight year history of the program $61,955.00 was held by the client
  • In the eight year history of the program $3,132,326.00 in held fees were awarded to the individual Contractors
  • In two of the State clients governed by a Living Wage Stipulation the average wage increase at program inception was $1.25 per hour and still saved the facility an excess of 24% over previous contract value
  • Proposed equipment inventories have been audited for care, quantity and “green” design resulting in depreciation and invoice credits amounting to over $111,652.00 over the 8 year period
  • The average quality level improvement percentage realized by year #2 monitored by Premier Facility Solutions:
    • Residential Life +9.25%
    • Academics +11.15%
    • Administrative +8.75%
    • Recreation/Assembly +11.33%