Services We Provide

Premier Facility Solutions is a consulting firm dedicated to the improvement of all operational aspects, associated with the effective and efficient management of institutional Facilities Management.  The current support criteria include the following:

  • Bid Specification Design and Bid Development
  • Vendor Selection
  • Bid Site Hosting
  • Contract Award and Contract Administration Monitoring (traditional and performance-based criteria)
  • Management/Supervisory and Line Staff Development
  • Facilities Management Staffing Analysis and Justification
  • Service Standard Development and Implementation
  • Workload Re-Design and Re-Distribution
  • Housekeeping/Custodial Chemical and Equipment Specification Management
  • Right-To-Know Compliance Programs
  • Quality Assurance Programs (Facility-Wide)
  • Facility Management Technology Educational Programs
  • Guest Services and Customer Enhancement Processes
  • Waste Management Audits and Waste Reduction Programs
  • Healthcare Patient Focused-Care Initiatives
  • Plant Operations Technology Reviews
  • Green Seal LEED Building Audits and Monitoring
  • Facility Management Computer Software Support (multi-disciplinary)

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