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Does PFS belong to any professional organizations?

Answer: Yes, PFS is an active Member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Association of Practictioners of Infection Control (APIC) and ASTM International.


How long does the process take to produce a Performance-Q-base™ bidding document?

Answer: It has been our experience that rushing the process allows for many undeveloped specifications and risk of omissions that become costly during the process. A rule of thumb is to allow two months lead time for every 1m gross square feet of an organization.


I am not ready to initiate a new bid process can I take advantage of the Performance-Q-base™ process in my existing contract?

Answer: Absolutely, the best time to test the monitoring process is prior to the expiration of your current contract. An amendment can even be made in which no penalty is applied but the results become the building blocks for future specifications and contract language.


How much does the process cost for an approximate 2m gross square feet facility of higher education?

Answer: The design and engineering phase is unique to each client, we do not cut and past or use templates that are “one size fits all” in nature. There are three phases that are apart of the process: Engineering and Design, Solicitation and Award, and Monitoring and Outcome Auditing. The first two phases are the sole responsibility of the facility client the last ongoing Monitoring phase cost is shared between the Awarded contractor and the Client, as the “trilogy” allows for the Contractor and the Client to grow and learn from the Consultant process.

The total cost you will experience for a three year contract including all three phases described above is approximately; $30K (less than the cost of one Custodian labor for a year).

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